Our company started its production in the field of plastic kitchenware in 1996 under the title of MURAT PLASTICS INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY and it has ranked among the leading enterprises throughout the world and Turkey in its field as a result of expanding its present kitchenware concept by the registered trademarks “Comfort Time” (Plastic Garden Furniture and Grandstand Seats) and “Beta Life” (Leak-proof Packaging Boxes) within a very short time period.

In consideration of the consumer’s expectations constantly changing in national and global market, the range of our aesthetic, high quality, comfortable, durable and ergonomic products, which we create as an outcome of activities at our R&D department with a professional structure, is provided by our experienced personnel at our modern facility with the cutting-edge technology, comprised of the computer program machinery, equipment and moulds. At prestigious fairs organized in our country and in many developed countries of the world, we are offering the consumer our products that we have produced with high technology and thus, we are rapidly improving our domestic and foreign market.

Our goal; is to continue offering you, our valued customers, “the best product with the most appropriate opportunities” by means of optimizing our production quality as well as pursuing and implementing all innovations around the world.



Is to design and produce products that are human and nature friendly, in compliance with the standards of developed countries and compatible with our consumers’ modern lifestyles and using habits by means of accelerating our R&D activities constantly.



Is to constantly raise the level of our product quality in careful pursuit of innovations and technological developments, to accelerate our steps on the path of becoming a world brand in comparison with the preceding day and to preserve our position among the leading enterprises in the market. Besides, our vision is to contribute to the foreign currency inflow to our country by means of increasing our export volume and to aid our country’s economy as a result of benefits of labour force and employment with new technological investments to be made by us.